Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fear and loathing in socks

Ok, so maybe not loathing. But is it just me, or are people who love to knit socks the most rabid of all knitting addicts? (not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you)

I don't understand. It seems like a lot of work for something you will walk on the ground with. And handwash? Do you hand wash them? I am laundry-lazy and I have to really really love something to handwash it. But if I spent a million hours knitting it, it would qualify.

Also, I am scared of dpn's and small gauge yarn. DPNs have so many points! And I am not graceful.

Like racism, my fear and dislike is probably stemming from ignorance. I'm sure if I bothered to take a moment, buy the scary double points and pretty thin yarn, set my ego and an afternoon aside, I would learn and like knitting socks. And then I would knit a pair of red and white tube socks with delicate cables, because that would be hot.

You know, this is only my second post, and I'm still talking like I have a heroin addiction, but just not as bad as other people. Nice.

The Anthro caplet was my gateway piece. I learned to do gauge and the wonders of math bloomed before my eyes as I tried it on, still mostly on the needles, and it fit.

Now I can't finish my second one, because it's not a strong enough fix. (and I hate the yarn and my broken circulars) I ordered some berroco gem (on sale!) from (5th color down) for the clap everyone has. It shipped yesterday and I can't wait. I have to learn how to KFB and PFB. Neat.


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