Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not So, FO

*This used to have two sleeves*

I finished the Tubey, yay! I frogged most of it, yay! This is my first sweater, and I made a lot of modifications to it. Some worked, others didn't. The body tube fists perfectly. I drastically reduced the number of stitches after reading a lot of complaints on Ravelry about how it stretched out and sagged.

Then I got lazy on the sleeves. I didn't have the pattern handy when I got around to them, so I kind of winged it. And I ended up with winged sleeves. The sleeves are supposed to be belled, but after I blocked it, they grew quite a bit in length and width.

Now, I would be more than happy to wear my sweater, even out in public, looking all the world like grandma hand-knit, but S is making me fix them. Well, ok, not MAKING me, but he has a way of pointing things out. So I frogged back and started decreasing again.

*Bunchy under-arms leave room for saggy triceps*
*Also, the waist isn't that roll-y, I just didn't bother to pull the body down*

So, good thing I've been home miserably sick with allergies with nothing to keep me company but a giant mountain of Kleenex.

Rest in peace sleeves.

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