Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Sweater

*Artificial trees reduce the need for ornament hooks*

Inspired by Jared's post, I knit a tiny sweater. I really like the idea of doing a tiny sweater a year, but it is hard to restrain myself from knitting about a thousand, stringing them on a clothesline and wrapping the tree in them. It just took one evening and I used the yarn S made my ipod cover from last Christmas.

I'm still short an Entrelac hat for a Christmas gift, but I have 4 hours in the car today, plus like 3 lazy-is days before I have to give it, so hopefully some sort of Christmas Knitting Miracle will happen. I started it with yarn I didn't like and about 2x as large as it should be (why do I always do that?).

Well, anyway. Merry Christmas!

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