Sunday, April 02, 2006

Flashin' my Stash

What you're looking at from left to right: 2 skiens of grey Simply Soft for a Circular Shrug. Above that some fuzzy Jiffy variegated that I have not idea what to do with and not sure why I bought. Front center is the small remains of my KoolAid yarn. Middle center are the two remaining balls of the hateful Berrocco dark green. Above that, crazy green fur yarn that might make it into a felted purse for my mom. And, on the far right, really really pretty Moda Dea furry yarn in Wild. I think it's really pretty, but I have not a clue what to do with it. The furry yarns were birthday gifts...I'm trying really hard to only buy yarn that it meant for a particular pattern.

I know flash your stash day was yesterday, but the batteries in my camera died just after taking this pic. So it goes, so it goes.


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