Thursday, April 20, 2006


So there are two pseudo organizations I'm starting.

The fist one is SOCK, dreamed up by S. It stands for Significant Others Of Crazy Knitters. He says he needs a support group, almost as much as I do. Here's a little button for your loved one's webpage:

The other one, my creation, is NAG. It stands for kNitters Against Global warming. Ladies and gents, this is something we should all be very concerned about. If temperatures continue to rise, who will wear our handknit sweaters? Those special wooly socks? The adorable cabled hat? Forget it. The only thing left to knit will be bikinis. It will be too hot even for baby booties.

Seriously, join the cause. Here's a button and here's a link to a page I created with info on what you can do to keep our planet cool. (I don't know how to make linkable buttons. If someone could help me, I'd be much obliged.)


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