Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Texas, our Texas

I'm back in the state that spawned George Bush, safe and sound, despite the efforts of Gatorade terroists. It is hot here. The kind of hot that is cause for insanity. The kind of hot that makes it impossible to wear shorts and sit on leather seats.

I'm blaming the heat on my lack of desire to find a job. I worked hard this summer, I'm taking a break. I've been working on pink and olive like a fiend, a mere 12 rows away from splitting off the sleeves. Will post pics once I get there.

Also, I'm using this time to continue to freak out about the wedding. We booked our reception spot yesterday, a fancy place with a view of both the Dallas and Ft. Worth skylines. Since the view is so neat, we don't have to do much decorating, which pleases and saddens me at the same time. While I was gone my mom bought a stack of bridal magazines and when I freaked out about the millions of options of colors and styles, etc, so I just picked something I really liked and everything will revolve around it.

I need to learn calligraphy for the invites...I think I'm going to pull colors from the above bouquet, buy neat rubber stamps, and go to town, with the art of Nick Bantock as inspiration.

Randomly, a fun tattoo idea I drew on my leg with eyeliner:


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