Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I haven't done a SPT in a while, so here ya go, my feet, with Sharpie Skulls. And tan lines. (I promise it's a tan, and not all dirt.)

I finally got to check out the Summer Knitty this morning and I wasn't impressed. I like the cabled glove things, but they're not high on my to knit list.

My wedding garter is though, and I think I've changed my pattern. I found one today that's pretty and easy...only 8 rows and no cart! But I have to wait until I'm in Dallas to get going on it.

The Eternal Clapotis is still going...I did break out of its Bermuda triangle. Finished a ball of yarn, finished the second section, and it as definitely grown. Once I get to a decent spot I will post a progress pic.

All is well....this is the first day in a while I've been happy and energetic, except for the nagging feeling I have no skills and no job prospects when I go home.

The movie I worked on, The Ant Bully, comes out in a few days. Some of the reviews of it have been pretty bad unfortunately. It's a kids movie though, and it's stuffy old grown ups that are reviewing it. Besides, it looks frickn' amazing on IMAX!


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