Monday, December 18, 2006

I *heart* Earhart

I am not a person who usually looks good in hats. Really, the best I've ever managed is a camp visor in the summers. So I've held off on the hat knitting, not wanting to waste precious time and yarn on an item that would be tossed into a dark bottom drawer. And then along came the Earhart cap. A girl was sporting one at the one knitting club meeting I've gone to, and I knew it was worth a short. I frogged the color quandry scarf out of existense to salvage every inch of the read clay Salishan, but it still wasn't quite enough.

So I added in the other good color I had, the walnut, and pretended that had been the plan all along. As Knit and Tonic has mentioned before, wearing hats takes a certain amount of jauntiness. The random block of brown, which is almost the same color of my hair, is where I think I find the jauntiness of wearing this hat. To me it says, "Screw all you solid color or thoughtfully patterned hats!" I wear it, and I like it.


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