Friday, January 18, 2008

Minimalist Cast-On

While the Tubey was blocking, a couple of days before I was aware of the sleeve snafu, I cast on for the Minimalist Cardigan from the '07 IK Fall issue. I'm using the Blue Sky Sport Weight Alpaca I bought last March to make a pleated skirt. The skirt is cute, but really? A wool skirt in Texas? Really?

The yarn is a little hairy to show off the stitches well, but my gauge is dead on and I think yardage-wise, I have enough. It's so soft, I know (if I can actually knit it correctly) that it will be something I'll actually wear.

The ability to type in a pattern's name, see a ton of examples, and read everyone's experience knitting it is the biggest reason I use Ravelry. The cardigan seems to be well liked by all, seaming being the only complaint. And really, does any one seek out seaming?

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