Monday, April 03, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last night? And did you see Meredith knitting? And saying she was knitting because she was trying to be celibate? And another character seeing her knit and say, oh, i see you're swearing off men.

She made it look really unsexy...ugly yarn and giant needles and I don't think she's all that pretty to begin with. But to correlate knitting with bitter women who don't want sex is wrong. *Shakes finger at Grey's Anatomy writers*

Besides, I once got asked out by a complete stranger while KIPing at a Taco Bell. He used the knitting to strike up the conversation.

"oh, are you crocheting?"

"no, I'm knitting"

"What's the difference?"

(continue with series of knitting questions until he asks be to show him around town (which is a suburb of Dallas, one of the dry pockets of the country)

So I didn't take him on a tour, and S the Sig O was pleased and overall amused about the whole thing


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