Monday, August 06, 2007

Le Hobo

Pattern: Hobo Bag by Jill Brown (June 29th in the Stitch n' Bitch Desktop Calendar)
Yarn: Lion Brand Landscapes in Country Summer (or something like that)
Size 11 needles

I have been plagued with indecision over this bag. To felt or not, how deep should I really make it, how long should the straps be, should I gift it, as originally intended (Melissa, would you like this?)

The only thing was able to be decisive about was the button. I love the button. It's the perfect maroon for the yarn. And, well, I love the yarn. I bought a skein or two on sale for a needle case, then a few more, thinking I could make a shrug (in variegated bulky yarn. Not beautiful). So I was really happy on June 29th when this patten showed up on my calendar.

I really like how this turned out, but really needs a lining to be functional...I've never lined a bag before and my sewing space is almost non-existent. Any suggestions?

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At 8:08 PM, Blogger normanack said...

I saw your beautiful bag on ravelry and had to follow the link to your blog. It's great!

Lining a bag isn't difficult. If it's a flat bag (i.e. a single fold or seam at the bottom), just lay the bag down on a big piece of paper (several regular pieces taped together) and trace it. Since you want the lining a little smaller, your pattern already includes a seam allowance. Cut out two pieces of fabric and, right sides together, sew the "bucket" part together (ignore the handles). Turn it inside-in, then put it in the knitted bag and see how it fits. Adjust if necessary. Iron the seams if you want. Then put it in the bag and turn under the raw edge at the top and, using needle and thread, sew it to the bag. Keep going with the handles. It helps to have someone show you if you're unsure. Good luck!


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