Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Ok. Would you pronounce the title of this post as "skanky" or skeenkey"? This has been bothering me since I started talking about knitting with people other than my self and my disinterested family. I've been listening to knitting podcasts lately, and both Cast On and Socks in the City would dub this post skanky.

Dictionary.com is no help either. It lists both pronunciations, though "skeen" comes first.

I am in the "skeen" camp. There is nothing about the letters "ei" together that can possibly make my mouth say "a". Maybe it's because I'm Texan?

For this post, I'm giving myself a Cast On "Talking about Knitting" Badge. I'm also MacGuyver level 1. I really wish I had submitted and been rejected by a knitting magazine so I could have one of those too. Alas.

Anyway, how do you say "skein"?



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