Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Next Big Thing

Socks, hats and scarves are all good things, but I'm ready for something I can really sink my teeth in to. I've never done any Fair isle, so to design my own motif and make it into a bag, well, I think that counts as a Big Thing. I really enjoyed coloring in all of those little squares and watching the pattern grow while chaos regined all around me (hello six people and one working toilet). People who know me in person may laugh at this because I'm sure I seem like the Queen of Entrophy, but doing small, repetitive, and orderly tasks is such an enjoyable thing to me and one of the few places I can find peace from my mind.

I'm off to another job interview this morning. The last one was a bust, and I've just today gotten over the depression of that one, so I hope this one goes better. Baby needs a new house.

PS I hate the Blogger beta. The spell check won't work for me. Grrr! Spelling!

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