Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Socktober Fest!

1. Flicker falls down, 2. She's a Brick House, 3. Saffron Hedera, 4. Mermaid Socks, 5. The Boyfriend Sock #2 DONE!, 6. Bayerische socks, finished (4), 7. Rose Quartz Snicket Socks, 8. Hourglass Eyelet Socks, 9. Pomatomus Progress, 10. Spring Fling Inside Out Socks 4, 11. Norwegian Stockings!, 12. Retro Rib socks and Camper shoes, 13. friday harbor socks 2, 14. Modern Day Witch of the West, 15. one done, one to go, 16. Green Toes

Here's a little inspiration to kick off a month of sock love. My goal is to finish the second green grass sock and a pair of Artichoke socks using the dark green Cherry Tree Hill I have in my stash. Mmm, artichokes.

One day, maybe next Socktober fest, I will make these Ode to Eames socks. Maybe in a year I will have worked up the courage to do colorwork in the round!



At 11:35 PM, Blogger the Lady said...

Ha! I hadn't run across your blog, but your it was your Snicket socks that I saw and loved (haven't knit yet) and your green Flicker socks I've hearted on Ravelry - cool that you've knit up so many! They're all really lovely.


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