Friday, February 01, 2008

BTW, There Was no Christmas Miracle

I tried so hard to make my sister an entrelac hat for Christmas. I bought two different yarns, tried different patterns and methods, all to no avail.

*Please excuse the blown out photos*

On the top you will see attempt number one, the over-sized jester hat. She mentioned aways back that she wanted pumpkin orange and this was the best I could find. My second attempt, below, was the yarn I originally wanted to make the hat out of, but JoAnn's was out of it for weeks. On Christmas Eve Eve I was delusionally trying to make the hat, but then decided to make Quant from this winter's Knitty.

The best I got was a stingray.

So dear older younger sister, now you know the saga of your gift. Maybe I'll finally give you one on your birthday, in July. Or you may just be getting a larger stingray.

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