Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Veggie Tales

I feel it is safe to announce to the world now that I have become a vegetarian. Why? Well, I am officially announcing it because I've been doing it for about a week now and not only have been successful (with the exception of when I forgot gravy is made from meat) but have enjoyed it.

Why become an herbivore, after almost a quarter century of being omnivorous? Meat has always kinda grossed me out. I was really picky about eating it as a child. I got better about it as I got older, and actually ate a medium steak a few months ago because it was S's mom's birthday and we went to a steak house. Hamburgers, chicken sandwiches...I like some of them, but not enough to eat them everyday like I have been doing. Lately I've realized that I'm tired of eating and living a certain way to be more convenient for others. So I stopped.

I'm not militant about it, and I'm not doing it because I particularly care about the plight of food animals. One of my long time vegetarian friends does, and told me I would become a good person by default. I don't think people are bad for eating meat, and never will.

So, in conclusion, please send me recipes and ideas for being a vegetarian...Good resturants, good bath and body stuff, all of those things. Thanks!


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