Friday, September 29, 2006

I said I'd never do this but...

I'm knitting a sock. Egads. Not only am I knitting a sock but I explained the tiny bit of sock knitting I possess to a class of 6th grade science students I was subbing for. And a couple of them even said "cool".

But really, it is cool. A large part of my knitting is overcoming my fears and intimidating. No one should be afraid of sticks and string or trying new thing or possibly wasting large, large amounts of time. But I am sometimes, and I have been quite afraid of working with 5 needles all at once. I can't say I'm the grand master of it, but after a couple of weeks of a steep learning curve, I can say I am competent.

I have also learned some important things that they never tell you when you read instructions on how to knit with dpns.

1) Get wood sticks. Metal needles slide out really, really easily and make a lot of noise when they crash to the floor, though not enough to drown out your cursing when said needles drop out of your work for the millionth time.

2) Figuring out how to hold all of those things with their pointy pointy ends is no small feat. Rest the mess on the table.

3) Don't try to learn by knitting a Pinwheel Blanket, or any other project that starts with a tiny number of stitches. And if you ignore the warning, at the very least don't embark on this project while also trying to watch Elizabethtown which is an enjoyable movie worth giving your full attention.

I am making the Pedicure Sock in the persistent pink and olive colorway. (When I said earlier that these would be THE colors for fall, I didn't realize it would be because I would have a million yards of it to use up). Turning the heel looks a scare, but I have a few more inches to work up my courage.


At 1:07 PM, Blogger geeyouknit said...

sock knitting is my favorite thing. soon you'll be addicted. soon you'll start knitting them two at once.



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