Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beautiful Day to Dye...

but is what I made so beautiful?

I am exhausted. I burnt a plastic bag holding the undyed section of yarn on the burner. Luckily, I noticed before any real damage could be done. After 6 hours of this mess today and another 3 or so last night (we dyed S's yarn for his scarf) I think I've had my fill for a while. I have two hanks of of sock yarn left to go, but I think I might just be knitting a lot of cream colored socks...

All the colors were made using various combinations of Wilton's cake dyes and the Eunny Jang self-striping tutorial. Maybe this is a no-brainer, but when looping the yarn around two chair backs, make sure you're making a giant loop, not a giant criss cross, because then you will swear out loud, even though you are alone, and have to re do 1 million yards of winding. I will need to get a ball winder before I can even look at this stuff again...


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