Monday, October 02, 2006

Good Things Come in Threes

Where to start? Ah yes, the book. I actually got it last week, but didn't have a chance to post about it. I found it at Half Price Books, and it seems like a really excellent resource. It has a whole section on how to knit pleats, which I find really exciting for some reason.
Passion Knits, which was recently voted the best LYS in Dallas, is now open on Sundays from noon to 5. I'd walked by and peered in a few times, but it was always closed because I'm only in that part on town on Sundays, for the bottomless bellini brunch at the cafe next door. Now I can drink AND fondle yarn on the Sabbath, making me quite the heathen. I bought three skiens of Berroco Cotton Twist to make the Razor Cami. Why am I making a sexy summer tank in October? Because it was 95 degrees here yesterday. I'll probably wear it to Christmas parties, what with this global warming and all.
Last, but the biggest news of all...
S asked me to teach him to knit! I'd offered a couple of times, but he'd always laughed nervously and turned me down. I was explaining my sock to him yesterday, and he asked for a pair. I explained the boyfriend knitting curse again, but promised him I'd make a pair in secret so the curse wouldn't find out. Then he read over my shoulder as I made my knitting blog rounds and fell in love with pretty much everything the guy at Brooklyn Tweed has ever taken off a pair of needles. So he was with me at the knitting store, and I have to say, he has really good taste in yarn. Lots of rich heathered colors and alpaca. We settled on a skien of Charcol Cascade 220 to make a simple hat. So far he has picked up casting on and knitting really fast and it just trying to work out some tension issues (soooo tight) and the "I started with ten and now I have 4 stitches issue". I have a feeling he's going to be kicking my knitting butt in a matter of weeks!


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