Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spring Socks

It is never a good idea to knit with sinus headache. I have manged to gain and lose all kinds of stitches on the ankle part. I'm not going to show the disaster yet because I'm hoping I can fix it before this sock becomes an FO.

That being said, I am loving the simple razor shell lace pattern of my spring socks, and I love working toe-up. Like a mythological god, these socks spring forth from the needles fully formed. I'm using the universal toe - up sock pattern from Knitty. It took me three tries to get the short row toe right, not because I can't handle the short rows, but because I don't trust my math.

The Yarn Bully yarn is pretty nice, but some how almost all of the color has ended up on the sole. So it goes with hand painted yarns, I suppose. I just don't really like how the few spots of color on the top of the foot look like I spilled jam or something on it.

Also, and this is silly, but on the Collinette website, they describe this colorway as being pink and gray. But in real life, at least the yarn i have, it's most definitely purple and green. For some reason, this really bothers me. I like it being purple and green, that's why I bought it.
It reminds me of the discussions we used to have in my philosophy classes about the color green, how we can all agree that something is green, but there is no way to prove that we are all experiencing the same qualia, the same kind of green, the same feeling of green. And then we'd talk about colorblindness and my head would hurt with all of it and I'd be glad that I was only minoring in philosophy and wish that the guy who sat next to me wouldn't drink tea that smalled like rabbit food.

S knew someone once that was intentionally teaching his child the wrong names for different colors. Red was blue, green was pink, and so on. It might make for an interesting philosophical experiment, but it sounds like abuse to me.

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At 4:00 PM, Blogger elizabeth marley said...

So what happens to a child when they don't know the generally accepted names for colors? Doesn't that hinder their ability to communicate? Especially with their peers?

Philosophy aside, I like the sock. I especially like the minimal color, you don't often see that in hand painted yarn.


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