Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Worthy Cause

Do you read Crazy Aunt Purl? If so, I'm sure you already know about Allison and Evan and you can go straight to Super Crafty and indulge in some goodies.

If you think I'm crazy and the above makes no sense to you, let me explain. Allison is the mother of Evan, a super adorable and hip 8-month old baby who was recently diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. Laurie (Crazy Aunt Purl) met them at a party and posted their story, encouraging everyone to buy something from Alison's online store, Super Crafty.

I was really touched by the story and thought I would pass it along to anyone who might not be aware already. That's what friends of friends of friends in the knitting world do right? And if you don't want to shop there as an act of charity and support, shop there because there is beautiful yarn!


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