Monday, April 21, 2008

Ready to be Dipped in Lemon Butter

Pattern: Artichoke Socks by Meagan Humphrey.
Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock in a kelly green
Size 1 needles
Mods: short row heels and toes, Contrasting Kitchner!

I really enjoyed knitting this pattern. I got a little cocky with the second sock and had to rip back a few times because I was following the pattern correctly, but it really is easy to do.

The kelly green and leaves added a nice spring-y ness (wow, that is so not a word) to the project. It was appropriate in February to knit wool socks with a spring bent, but finishing them in mid-April pretty much guarantees the will be shoved in a drawer somewhere until it gets cold again.
As much as I love the socks, I don't love the cold. Maybe I'll just turn the AC down and walk around the house wearing them.

I made these top down with short row heels and toes. I hate toe seams and picking up gusset stitches. Picking up double wraps can be a pain too, but I'm always a little fascinated about the whole short row process works.

And, to add a little random detail, I Kitchner stitched the toe to the bottom of the sock in neon green left over from the Green Grass Socks. Not that I really need to tell any knitter this, but those leftover yarn balls do find use!

*the end*


At 1:48 PM, Blogger elizabeth marley said...

Cute! I love that you kitchenered with a different colored yarn. It's like a secret feature only knitters know about.


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