Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Unexpected Treasure

While doing some spring cleaning earlier this month, I came across a box of fabric scraps from my grandmother. Most of them seemed to small to work with and I was just going to toss it. Lucky me, I combed through everything first and found all of these squares, cut and ready to be a quilt. Some of them have already been sewn into blocks by hand.

While I admire hand stitched quilts, I don't have the ambition to do something like that. There are not quite enough squares to make a twin size (my favorite size to make) so I'm keeping my eye out for some complimentary fabric to finish it out.

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At 7:05 PM, Anonymous Loretto Patterson said...

How neat! There are actually quilt stores my friend Mollie tells me that carry vintage/nostalgic quilt material. What about a hand sewn quilt pillow?


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