Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Magazines Made Me Do It #2



I saw this nifty necklace storage solution in domino or blueprint or one of those other martha-stewart-in-training magazines, but I can't remember which one. But it is a pretty ingenious thing. I got a 10"x13" shadow box, took out the glass, glued some cute scrapbooking paper to the back, drilled the holes and screwed in the knobs.

It should have taken about 30 minutes or less to put together, but I lost one of the knobs and spent about 20 minutes looking for it. I cleaned up all of the supplies, scoured the apartment, checked under the table, all to no avail. As I was scanning the floor in sheer frustration, I noticed something shiny in the cuff of my pants. Yup. The knob had been with me the whole time.

I got the shadow box at Michael's for about 11 dollars (40% off, whoo!), the paper is from Hobby Lobby (2 sheets = 1 dollar) and the knobs are from Ikea (6 in a pack for 2.99). So this was a good and relatively cheap project. I bet there are similar things for sale in the South Congress boutiques for twice that. If there aren't, I should be selling these things!

The original one I saw was a little more funky. They used all kinds of different dresser knobs and had brighter paper. But you know what? Cute individual dresser knobs are like, 3 bucks a piece. Ikea, you rule.

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