Sunday, June 01, 2008

This Counts as Yarn, Right?

*it's sprinkled with flour, not drugs*

S and I spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon making fresh pasta. He got a pasta machine and recipe book for his birthday (he's an excellent chef). Once you go fresh, you can't go back.

I thought Mario Batali was a little fanatical when he said in Heat that it's not about the sauce, it's about the pasta. But when you make it by hand, it's about the pasta. P.S. Read Heat. Read it. It's excellent and will give you an unquenchable desire for good noodles and good wine. (Our favorite under 10 is Menage a Trois. Despite the silly name, it is yummy.)

*I'm going to rename this blog "The Longest Noodle"*

But in all seriousness, this may be the most yarn-y thing around these parts for a while. The heat index was 102 and our air conditioner has been running non-stop trying to keep our 700 sq ft apartment at 80 degrees.

I need to finish my second purple sock before I forget the stitch pattern I made up and didn't write down and I want to re-knit the Lelah straps so I can wear it without worrying about my bra straps. But I can't imagine that it will happen anytime soon.

I do have some more heat-friendly craftiness up my sleeve and I have a week off, so who knows what will be next.

Oh, and if you're looking for a good recipe to try out, I highly recommend Orange Peel Tofu . I made mine with fried tofu and I think that chicken would be good with it too, if you are so inclined.



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