Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Big Nerd

I am a big nerd. This is my 3rd! post today. Can you tell that I have no work to do and my last day is Friday so even if I did have work I wouldn't feel like it was terribly urgent to finish it even though the movie MUST GET DONE? Can you also tell I'm a little manic? Oh well.

S the fiancee and I picked colors today over IM, with the help of Colour Lovers. If you are unaware of this site, check it out. It is an awesome tool, especially if you're like me and feel a little overwhelmed by putting together a palette.

So, I give you...*plays a little fanfare music*

May Wedding

Now imagine that with the tiniest sliver of this bright red

We don't have a date yet, but I called it may wedding because it's about the colors of Texas wildflower in May.

Now, to decide on a lace yarn for the garter, a small gauge felting yarn for the flowers and leaves, and a funky fabric for the ring pillow. Craft-tastic!


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