Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fiber Fest!

What says Fiber Fest like an SUV that brings its own ball of yarn along? It was a really small event with only a handful of vendors. I didn't attend any of the classes due to my soon to be unemployed status. If I had, I might have a different perspective of it.

I did meet a very nice woman that invited me to a once a month knitting group in Plano. (Which is kinda a trek from where I live, but it's only once a month) It sounded like there was a lot of wine at this event, which is always good to hear.

I also bought a felted flower kit from the fine folks at Stitch elegance. Haven't got to try it out yet, but maybe while I'm on vacation.

Also, finished 1 of the gloves for my coworker, on my 3rd repeat of the increase section on the clap (boring), and mentally designing something that will maybe, one day, knock your socks off!


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