Monday, May 15, 2006

Fabulous Forest Friends!

So sorry this wasn't done last night. Blogger was being a pain about uploading pics. I got the entry all ready and poof, everything disappered. But enough whining, on with the goodies from aschnebly!

This is a fabulous needle felted bird she sent. He is my favorite shade of blue and I have named him Rupert.

The top pic is a cute little charm dangly thing and the bottom one is TWO neacklaces, a birdy one made out of shrinky dink and a branch pendant out of polymer.
And if that wasn't enough fabulousness for one package...

Branch charms and owls that can either be earrings or stitch markers. How genius is this girl?
She also sent a little polymer clay owl key chain but his little horn broke off on his flight to Texas, so i'm going to try to fix it then post pics.
I'm such a lucky girl!


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