Thursday, January 04, 2007

Not so Twinkletoes

*Oh, the sadness*

I started the Twinkletoes pattern from this winter's Knitty before Christmas. One slipper only took three short nights of knitting to make, but sadly, it doesn't fit well at all. The thing is way too big and I am not petite of foot at a size 8.5. They were even big on my younger sister, who comes in at a size 10. The loose toe I could deal with, maybe send them through a hot wash and dry and shrink away the floppiness, but the heel, the heel is sized for perhaps Paul Bunyan, or some other mythically gigantic person.

All of this is a real shame, since I liked working the pattern and it would have been a great way to use up the rest of my Salishan.

I made a list of projects I want to make in 2007...I can easily say I have about 6 months worth of pleasant work ahead of me.

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