Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Goods, For Real

First off, some beautiful handmade needles with swirly metallic teal ends. Click on the picture to to experience the full glory of the swirly-ness. They are awesome!

This Classic Elite mercanized cotton makes the stuff I'm knitting Lelah out of feel like old shoelaces. I definitely see making more lacy tanks in the near future! Perhaps one of the ones from the Spring Interweave.

And, Boomerang in "Caribbean". Boomerang is the best name for this stuff. I've heard other knitters use the term "sproingy" before, but never truly understood the term until this came along. It's the trampoline of yarn. And the colors! Blue and green! Always winners in my book. :)

And as I mentioned before, there was delicious chocolate (which was, um, unavailable for the photoshoot) and a cute card and pattern

Thank you!

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