Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pretty Please?

May I have an invite to Ravelry? Pretty please? I signed up to be a beta tester, but I'm still waiting on what I'm sure must be a very long list. It just looks so cool and organized, two things of which I am not.

P.s. With the help of S, the almost-husband, Lelah is going to be frogged and re-done. The idea of cutting and sewing her makes me kind of queasy. I orginally cast on 220 stitches (teh stupid) on size 7's. The correct amount? 166 on 7's. 54 stitches less should make it mighty faster!

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At 11:05 AM, Blogger Newly Knitting said...

avelry looks amazing! I signed up to the list to be notified when we can join!

You're frogging Lelah???? You are a brave, brave soul...


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