Friday, May 04, 2007


I didn't notice the two packages tucked behind one of the porch railings when I came home because I walked in through the back, but when S and I took the dogs for a walk, there they were.

So when we got back, I got to watch Grey's Anatomy and open packages. Good times! The first one was our cake topper (which is just a silver letter W). The second was a total surprise.

My Secret Pal has struck again! I'm so excited about this. I've never gotten a kit before and it has supplies to make the pillow on the cover. It will be a great warm-up project before I start on The Big Quilt. Thank you so much SP10!

I am really bad at math. (See Lelah, Pink and Olive, etc.) Every time I calculate how many strips or blocks I need for my quilt I get a different number. Also, I can't cut or sew in a straight line. What an adventure! I still have high expectations. DoggedKnits is a huge inspiration right now. Everything she does is adorable.

Ok, off to work, I'm ready to get this quilting weekend started!

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At 8:31 AM, Blogger Ashley said...

Aw, thanks! But really, you would not say that if you saw all the miserable failures that I DON'T blog ;)

That Quilt-It Kit will be a great way to get started--what a cute project!


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