Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Blame the Weather

In addition to the lovely Secret Pal Gifts, I had a little S-E-X this weekend at the Hancock's by my parent's house.

Sadly, it's going out of business, leaving zero craft or hobby stores in a 20 mile radius. Happily, their yarn was 40% off. I got more Landscapes, which I'm currently making a shrug out of. (It may end up in the "You knit what?" category, but I do enjoy this yarn)

And I also got......

Cashmere! Delicious, delicious cashmere.

Well, ok, yes it is a blend. But still. I feel kinda like I felt when I got my first diamonds (props to S for those!) I never thought I'd get to work with such luxury. I'm pretty sure it's going to one day become a Tubey, with the shrug part in gray and the body in blue.

Stash, consider yourself enhanced.

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