Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fear-ful Knitting

Not too long ago, Sandi Wiseheart (don't you just love her last name?) of Knitting Daily sent around a newsletter about being afraid of knitting. Like, afraid of failure, or wasting your time, or learning a new technique.

My biggest fear about knitting is running out of yarn. It's a well-founded fear because it almost always happens. Right now, I've vowed to work through at least three-quarters of my stash before buying new yarn, but my biggest obstacle is not having enough of something for a project I would actually want to do.

*minimalist cardi? Not enough yarn*

The two largest amounts of yarn I have right now are 8 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Sport Weight and 8 balls of Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy.

*so pretty, so not enough*

The alpaca was bought to make a pleated skirt. I was delusional to think that would be a good, wearable item to make.

The Hempathy was supposed to be a sub yarn for Raspy, but, again, I don't really have enough.

Too much yarn for a smaller project, to little for something large.

About the only thing I have an appropriate amount of is sock yarn, because it comes that way. Even still, I tend to knit the legs of my socks too short, "just in case" I don't have enough to finish the other one.

Any suggestions? Ravelry has helped a bit, but I'm still kind of stuck on yardage. What is your knitting fear?

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At 6:19 PM, Blogger the Lady said...

Try knitting toe-up socks. It's brilliant. If you have one skein of sock yarn, just make it into 2 balls, and then off you go, toe-ing it up!


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