Tuesday, May 23, 2006

From The Vault

No, I didn't break my arm, it's my first FO! I can't really remember when I started knitting - not because it's been so long, but because I have a really bad memory. I think it's been about a year. Anyway, this is the first thing I made, a cream colored, garter stitch armwarmer. That looks exactly like a cast.

Until you flip it over. Then it looks like, what, a mess? I can't even think of something creative to say about that.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Weekend

Last day of work, got my last paycheck, said goodbye to many good friends. Went to dinner w/ parents and discussed forthcoming wedding plans. Mom dissed every idea we had. Got in big stupid fight with S over where to go on our honeymoon. Spent evening crying from frustration and sadness.

Spent 8 hours in an unairconditioned room getting re-certified in CPR and First Aid for about the 5th time because a lot of procedures have changed. Large, possibly drunk ex-military guy in the class felt the need to remind everyone that the way we were being taught was not the way the old way worked, the way he remembered better. He did this everytime we started a new section. There were about 20 sections. While this was going on, I found a problem with my engagement ring.

Broke down on being a vegetarian and had a double cheese burger for lunch to cope with stress.

Came home and discovered my dog had had diarrhea all over her crate and had even more when I took her out. Rushed to the emergency vet. She's ok, but I'm out 200 dollars, which is about the amount of my last paycheck.

Didn't go to friend's wedding party because of sick dog. Instead, had a big stupid fight with S over who should be in the wedding party.
Spent evening crying from frustration and sadness.

Sick. Have had stomach problems for over a week now. Clean out dog doo from crate. Start packing to move in with my parents. Mom cannot communicate well and I have to frantically drive to Irving to reserve the last storage space available and then frantically drive back to make it to S's family birthday dinner.

This week, I have to pack up my apartment and move to Irving, meet with the priest to set a date, apply for unemployment, go to the doctor, have a medical test done, fly to Chicago, spend money I don't have.

Everything sucks quite a lot.