Friday, February 16, 2007

The Centurian Club

I'm so excited to have reached my 100th post on The Longest Yarn. I've been waiting for days, disregarding more trivial posts, to come up with the perfect 100th post.

That's a lot of pressure. So I give you a grainy, less-than-perfect graphic I whipped up post-shower/ pre-coffee and a list.

Knitting Things I have Learned:
(some of them, I learned the hard way)
  1. There is more to knitting than garter stitch but sometimes garter stitch is the best.
  2. Once I learned how to purl, I figured nothing else could be too hard.
  3. Given the choice, I will almost always pick the green yarn.
  4. I never cease to enjoy felting things, even though I don't particularly like felted items.
  5. I'm still afraid to buy really nice yarn, in case I might "mess it up".
FOs I'm Most Proud of:
(pride is one of the big seven, but for these things, it's worth it)
  1. Mom's Tote bag Because it was my fist large project, I made it up as I went along, i got it done almost n time, and she really seemed to like it.

  2. The worsted weight Anthro Caplet The bulky weight version opened my eyes to the magic of raglan construction. The worsted weight one taught me "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again" is a good motto to have. And, it's the first wearable garment I've made!

  3. Pedicure Socks I had to teach myself to use DPNs, which was a major challenge. But I managed it, the socks came out wearable, and I'm working on my 3rd pair of full socks since.

Personal Things:
(It's been a crazy year)
  1. S and I got engaged!
  2. I worked on a major film, and lost my job.
  3. I moved back home.
  4. My grandmother passed away.
  5. S and I rented our first house together.
  6. I found a new job, in a new field.

    Things to Come:
    (The best is yet to come)
  1. The wedding! (a mere 3 months away)
  2. Lace socks
  3. Secret Pal 10
  4. Mosaic bag
  5. A knitted skirt
  6. A real sweater, maybe?

    And a Huge Thank You!
To everyone who reads this, for the handful of comments, for the hits that show up on my site meter, for all of the inspiration I get from reading about other people's projects and lives.

I wonder what the next hundred posts will bring? Some bamboo yarn, maybe?

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