Monday, February 19, 2007

Thank you, Dead Presidents

Hancock had a 50% off sale this weekend in honor of President's day. And nothing celebrates the contributions of America's presidents like half off craft supplies. George Washington seemed like a DIY kinda guy.

I was excited about the rotary cutter until I tried it out. It barely cut through one layer of fabric, even with much coaxing. So, maybe I need to get a new blade. the mat and ruler though, they work just fine.

And the fabric is for a quilt I've been thinking about since I learned how to sew. See, I've always wanted to make a quilt and have tried a few times. The grandmother that taught me to sew made quilts, so it seemed like that making a quit was the ultimate goal of sewing. I'm a terrible sewer. But, I can almost manage a straight line and I figure that if I get enough cute fabrics cut in decent sized strips with my new yet craptastic rotatory cutter, I can sew them up in no time on my sewing machine and figure out the rest of this quilting business once I get there.

Mema, the grandmother who set me out on my crafty path by teaching me to make bean bags and doll clothes, is dying of cancer. It's a very sad, heart - wrenching situation that the whole family is trying to deal with. I feel that she will probably have passed away before I have finished this quilt, but then, her doctor predicted she wouldn't live through her last surgery, and that was two years ago. About half of the fabric pictured above she gave to me when I bought my sewing machine because she is no longer able to use it.

I like that some of the fabric is from her, some is from my past, (the pink and green leaf things, on the cream background? I used that to make my first skirt. The blue and green hibiscus? a bathing suit wrap.) and some of it, of course, is courtesy of our dead presidents.