Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tubey Progress

I have almost finished the body on this sucker. I bound off about an inch too soon so I'm picking it off and hopefully taking care of it today. I've also added a bit of waist shaping and short rows since everyone has commented on how much this pattern stretches with wear.
The downside of that is thst I for some reason, unknown even to myself at this point, decided to seam together the shrug part and the tube part before I was done with either. So this has made the waist shaped areas line up with one on my back and one on my front. so that needs to be picked off too. This is a really simple and quick pattern, I've just made it as complicated as possible, blah.

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And the Winner Is...

*crazy-eyes Angel strikes again*

Congratulations Grace! Send me your address (alexislxs at
Her guess of 85 inches was the closest. The actual length? 92.5". I still have a little yarn left over, too.

Thanks for playing!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

An FO and a Contest!

*I apologize for the peek of my midriff*

Skinny Scarf!
K1P1 Rib over 13 sts
Yarn: Hand-dyed KnitPicks Merino
Needles: Size 8

The scarf has been done for a few days, but I wanted to come up with a contest to go along with the unveiling. It's not a particularly exciting FO, but contests for a chance to win free yarn always are. SO!

Leave a Comment and Guess How Long the Skinny Scarf is!

Only 5.63 people read this here blog, so odds are in your favor. And what are odds in your favor for?

2 skeins Atacama 100% Alpaca hand dyed worsted weight yarn in lovely shades of plum and raspberry. Guesses can be made until Friday at midnight. Please don't guess in metric, I have no clue about centimeters. In the event of a tie, the tied names will be pulled out of a hat.

Happy guessing!

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