Monday, August 21, 2006

Other Girls

*Me knitting in Dillon, CO*

There are very few pics I like of myself, but I like this one.

Anyway, S had his first soccer game this weekend (they won!). I went an hour early with him for warm up, and there were a couple of other soccer girlfriends there. They were already talking when I walked over with my book. We said hello and made some polite conversation for a second then lapsed into an awkward silence. So I picked up my book, read a few pages, and realized they were talking to me, asking what my name was. I told them, made a few more seconds of polite conversation, and lapsed into awkward silence again. It was like jr. high all over again. I wasn't wearing the right clothes (who dresses up at 8 am to sit on bleachers in already 90 degree weather for 3hours?), I didn't have the right things to say, I was reading a book that I didn't buy in the grocery store romance section...

My mom assured me that it doesn't get any better, as the soccer girlfriends turn into soccer moms and you still have to sit on the bleachers and have awkward conversations.

What's not awkward is reading other girls' blogs. I have 3 or 4 I like to read pretty regularly, but lately some are gone. Not just like, not posting, but cutieknittahfairy is totally gone, fig and plum was on vacation but now there's still a heading, but no posts at all.