Friday, April 07, 2006

Dr. Emmie Podcast

Check out the Dr. Emmie knitting podcast. It's cute and she talks about (and has links to) a lot of nice free patterns, including the clapotis I'll be starting after my felting projects marathon.

On the Sticks 4/5/06

One day, this will be felted into a beautiful tote bag and given to my mom on her birthday.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday & my new and improved stash!

Self Portrait Tuesday

Remebmer my stash on April Fool's day? It's doubled, thanks to two deliveries today!

The blues are for my mom's b-day tote bag, brown greenand white for S's passport cover, and the striping stuff for gloves for a coworker.

This is for the clap...It's a ribbon yarn, which i've never used before. I hope it comes out ok.


If you want to destroy my sweater...

(woah woah woah) Throw in the machine and walk away, just walk away!
My grandma gave me an old sweater of my uncle's to felt. She'd seen them do it on a Home and Garden show and wanted me to try. I happily obliged, and looked at the sweater. This is what I saw:

Yeah, you're right. It felt sad for this nice sweater. But it has lots of these:

So I felted it, and it's so soft and nice. I plan on making it a clutch, lined with velvet. Mmmm, decadent.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last night? And did you see Meredith knitting? And saying she was knitting because she was trying to be celibate? And another character seeing her knit and say, oh, i see you're swearing off men.

She made it look really unsexy...ugly yarn and giant needles and I don't think she's all that pretty to begin with. But to correlate knitting with bitter women who don't want sex is wrong. *Shakes finger at Grey's Anatomy writers*

Besides, I once got asked out by a complete stranger while KIPing at a Taco Bell. He used the knitting to strike up the conversation.

"oh, are you crocheting?"

"no, I'm knitting"

"What's the difference?"

(continue with series of knitting questions until he asks be to show him around town (which is a suburb of Dallas, one of the dry pockets of the country)

So I didn't take him on a tour, and S the Sig O was pleased and overall amused about the whole thing

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sad Mary Jane

I'm trying to make some Easy Mary Janes out of this random variegated pastel cotton yarn I have, but it's not going well. See The Sadness below:

I don't know if it's the yarn, or if it's too long or too's just kinda pathetic. Any help?

Also, I knitted 5 more rows of Anthro Caplet 2 ...everything is ok except one of the sleeve increases. It's bjanky. I'll try to post pics tomorrow and maybe someone can salvage it.

Hooray for daylight savings time! It's no longer dark when I get out of work, which makes me happy.

Flashin' my Stash

What you're looking at from left to right: 2 skiens of grey Simply Soft for a Circular Shrug. Above that some fuzzy Jiffy variegated that I have not idea what to do with and not sure why I bought. Front center is the small remains of my KoolAid yarn. Middle center are the two remaining balls of the hateful Berrocco dark green. Above that, crazy green fur yarn that might make it into a felted purse for my mom. And, on the far right, really really pretty Moda Dea furry yarn in Wild. I think it's really pretty, but I have not a clue what to do with it. The furry yarns were birthday gifts...I'm trying really hard to only buy yarn that it meant for a particular pattern.

I know flash your stash day was yesterday, but the batteries in my camera died just after taking this pic. So it goes, so it goes.