Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Winter Knitty

Got a chance to check out the Winter Knitty today and, woot!, I like a lot of the patterns. I really want to make this and these fo sho. Right after I finish 2 pairs of sock and the Earhart hat I started this morning.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Avant Garde Knitting

*If you are squeamish or grossed out by blood, or hate tattoos and piercings, don't click on the links*

I saw on Modblog today the blood scarf. I find it very creepy and fascinating.
The artist is Laura Splan. She uses knitting in a variety of ways to make her art. I really like the juxtapostion of ideas presented in her work. The pieces that combine time-consuming, loving, and cuddly aspects of knitting and the cold, clinical and impersonable aspects of medicene. For these reasons, I particulary like the knitted exam gown. Those things make me feel more naked than being naked. Mabye if they were all handknit, perhaps out of cashmere...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Questionable Color quandaries

It's just this side of one AM here in lala land, and I've had a crazy week of subbing, looking at houses to rent, wedding insanity and working with crazy, flaky, LA types on a short film. But none of that is quite as daunting as the complex emotions surrounding this scarf I'm trying to make. It's cold here now, officially, and I'd like to have a warm neck. But the colors are kinda funky. I'm not sure if the color funkiness is being helped or hurt by the stitch pattern and/or the order I've arranged them. I think the colors are nice when they are organically jumbled together and are kinda reminiscent of Santa Fe's adobe buildings, turquoise jewelry, rich soil, and pink mountains at sunset.

Pink. The pink, it does not photograph well. Or, I should say, I like the shade better in the photographs. In person, it's more of an old lady lipstick pink than an actual light rose.

Also, the yarn is Salishan from Knit Picks. It was a spontaneous and short - lived line, so there is no more to be had. It is about 60/40 cotton/wool and knits into a dense, non-drapey fabric. It's not something I'd normally want in a scarf, but the yarn is nice to work with and there is no hope in increasing the supply so I have to get it out of the stash somehow.

So, what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Want it? Let me know!