Thursday, January 04, 2007

Not so Twinkletoes

*Oh, the sadness*

I started the Twinkletoes pattern from this winter's Knitty before Christmas. One slipper only took three short nights of knitting to make, but sadly, it doesn't fit well at all. The thing is way too big and I am not petite of foot at a size 8.5. They were even big on my younger sister, who comes in at a size 10. The loose toe I could deal with, maybe send them through a hot wash and dry and shrink away the floppiness, but the heel, the heel is sized for perhaps Paul Bunyan, or some other mythically gigantic person.

All of this is a real shame, since I liked working the pattern and it would have been a great way to use up the rest of my Salishan.

I made a list of projects I want to make in 2007...I can easily say I have about 6 months worth of pleasant work ahead of me.

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Here Comes the Sun...

I got a job yesterday!!! *runs a victory lap around the world*

I am very excited about my new position, which starts on Monday. The only thing I'm really worried about is dressing up to go to work. Previously, the only standards I've had to meet were to actually cover my body with clothes. Now, even though it's a small office, I need to wear Nice Clothes. Things that all seem to need Dry Cleaning. But, fancy or not, I'm thrilled to be working again. No more long days of cottage cheese and day time TV.

I attribute part of my success to one of my Christmas presents from S, a pair of brown Banana Republic pants that fit just so. I feel I could run a country in those pants and I'm pretty sure many revolutions have been started by people in pants that fit them so well they decided they could change the world.

My other gifts from S were an iPod mini (a mini because I am a Luddite and requested one over a nano) and a sock he knitted for it, on size 3 needles. He continues to impress me with his knitting prowess. Since learning to knit in October, he has made a hat, 2 scarves and my iPod holder. I think it took me about six months to get through my first garter stitch scarf on size 11 needles.

Among other things, I gave him a custom made knitting bag from malisonian. He can be really detail-oriented (picky) about things, so I was very relieved when he liked it. Alison, the girl who made it, did a great job and was very fast. I'm thinking of having her make makeup bags as part of my bridesmaid gifts.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ah, the New Year

New Year's resolution #1 - Stop lying to people who read this blog

I do have my reasons for not posting all of my knitted goodies, such as short, rainy days not conducive to picture taking and being hijacked to run many lengthy errands with my family today.
And really, how many care about what I got for Christmas? Show of hands? None? Good.

I do like resolutions. I make them all the time, and then promptly forget them. Last year, I wanted to start swimming competitively again. I started practicing on my own, twice a week, but then, well, all kinds of things happened.

2006 was a year of major changes. I worked on a movie, got laid off, got engaged, moved back in with my parents, spent seven weeks in Denver, had a grandmother pass away, and have been without a job for the longest period of time since I started working at age 16.

If I had control over such matters, I'd make 2007 as uneventful as possible, aside from the wedding. But that's not really how it works.

So, I'll do what I can to make good things happen over the next 360 odd days...Here is my list, in no particular order of importance.

1. Work out at least twice a week (so typical, eh?)
2. Seek out new music
3. Read more
4. Knit a sweater that fits
5. Sell something I made
6. Don't let planning a wedding ruin my marrige

Pretty boring, standard resolutions which I will probably forget, amend, or replace as the days of 2007 go on. Well, all but the knitting ones. ;)

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