Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Been Caught Cheating (on Knitting)

I'm making stockings for S and my's first Christmas together (is that the grammatically correct way to say that?). I finished the embroidery on his elf on the plane after visiting his family for Thanksgiving. Now, all I have left is his name, cutting out the backing fabric, constructing it and then making mine.
As per usual, life is hectic and I'll be lucky to get them both done by Christmas Eve.

The pattern is by Hilary Lang. She just released her latest round of seasonal embroidery patterns and they're darn cute. Peppermint themed! Anyway, you can find the elf stitchettes (there's also a girl) in the freebies area on her site.

I saw this pattern last Christmas and immediately fell in love with it. I got all giddy thinking about how S and I would be married the next time Christmas came around, and I could do things like make stockings and traditions and heirlooms and such. Now, it's a year later, and I'm still giddy. :)

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