Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Felted Blister Scarf

This is a great last minute gift idea, or something fun to do with ugly sweaters you may recieve as gifts. I saw it on craftster, via this article on Knitty.

I used assorted coins to make my blisters, hoping the different sizes would add an extra element of texture and dimension. The size changes aren't very apparent though. I mostly used pennies...maybe it I only did quarters and dimes it would be more obvious?
I also don't think this was 100% wool, despite the itchiness.

My sister is home from school and was a gracious, if itchy, model.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Next Big Thing

Socks, hats and scarves are all good things, but I'm ready for something I can really sink my teeth in to. I've never done any Fair isle, so to design my own motif and make it into a bag, well, I think that counts as a Big Thing. I really enjoyed coloring in all of those little squares and watching the pattern grow while chaos regined all around me (hello six people and one working toilet). People who know me in person may laugh at this because I'm sure I seem like the Queen of Entrophy, but doing small, repetitive, and orderly tasks is such an enjoyable thing to me and one of the few places I can find peace from my mind.

I'm off to another job interview this morning. The last one was a bust, and I've just today gotten over the depression of that one, so I hope this one goes better. Baby needs a new house.

PS I hate the Blogger beta. The spell check won't work for me. Grrr! Spelling!

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Monday, December 18, 2006

I *heart* Earhart

I am not a person who usually looks good in hats. Really, the best I've ever managed is a camp visor in the summers. So I've held off on the hat knitting, not wanting to waste precious time and yarn on an item that would be tossed into a dark bottom drawer. And then along came the Earhart cap. A girl was sporting one at the one knitting club meeting I've gone to, and I knew it was worth a short. I frogged the color quandry scarf out of existense to salvage every inch of the read clay Salishan, but it still wasn't quite enough.

So I added in the other good color I had, the walnut, and pretended that had been the plan all along. As Knit and Tonic has mentioned before, wearing hats takes a certain amount of jauntiness. The random block of brown, which is almost the same color of my hair, is where I think I find the jauntiness of wearing this hat. To me it says, "Screw all you solid color or thoughtfully patterned hats!" I wear it, and I like it.