Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Camille - Ta Douleur

This has already been posted at Kintters Anonymous, but I love this song and the simple, effective video. I've always wanted to learn French, and now I want a gaint knitted dress.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I had a wonderful time this weekend down in Central Texas. I got to spend time with some old friends, play poker, carry-on, laugh until my stomach hurt, Christmas shop and generally do things and be with people I miss.
I spent most of Saturday wandering around the Wimberly Market. This place is HUGE. I was there for about five hours and still didn't see everything. Everyone in our group found a few treasures to take home and a lot more to lovingly fondle, sigh, and walk away from. My best treasures were the handmade crocheted lace pictured above and a little tiny perfect embellishment to one of S's Christmas gifts.

I really enjoyed taking pictures of all the interesting and weird and beautiful things. There was a lot of great sewing and needle work on display, but not so much knitting unfortunately.
You can check out the goods here.

PS - While having dinner with one of the afore-mentioned friends, I politely inquire after his parents. He says they're doing great, and now have ten alpacas. TEN ALPACAS?!? I don't even know they had one! And do they make fiber craft related stuff? YES!! Did I slightly scare him with my enthusiasim over his parent's alpaca farm? Most likely, but true friends will stick by you,even when you go a little nuts over handspun alpaca yarn.

So if you're in the Oklahoma area, stop by Indian Meridian and say that girl their son is friends with, you know, the one who made the shoes for their daughter's wedding? Well, she told me to come here. Then go pet the alpacas for me!