Thursday, April 13, 2006

Open source

I'm all about open source knitting. I love free patterns, the flow of discussion about modifications, the marketplace of knit ideas.

But I just got the famous Loop-d-Loop book, and now I see why everyone is raving about it. There's some beautiful designs in there. There is also some fug, but that seems unavoidable in knitting. There are about 6 patterns in there that I can't wait to get on my sticks. I have the backlog of projects before that can happen though. Mom's b-day tote is progressing slowly and will in no way be done by Saturday. Knitting on deadlines is a bad idea.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

SPT and a secret

This is what I look like today. I'm wearing contacts because I'm tired of being a pasty girl in chunky glasses. I don't like looking like every one else.

I wan to be a grafitti artist sooo bad.

I bought S an engagement ring last night. I'm not going to be the one doing the proposing, but he's been working so hard finding me a perfect ring that I think he deserves one too. (S, if you are reading this for some reason, stop, you'll spoil the surprise.) So, once it gets in, I'm going to carry it with me everywhere so it's handy when he proposes.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring Knitty!

I went to Knitty this mornng to look at the clap pattern (I broke down and knitted the first few rows because my hands couldn't take an more tote-bag wool) and the spring issue is up! I just straight to the patterns, and I have to say, like most things knitty, I only like one or two. Also, it seems like most of them are piquant, which means too hard for me to venture into at the moment. I'm still a tangy level knitter.

The ones I like are:

Nagano Sakura because knitted cherry blossoms are awesome
Pedicure Sock ooo, they are socks, and made with dpns! But it looks like large ones, and they have no toe to worry about, so if I decide to venture into sock making, this is where I will start.

There is also a knitted nautilus toy that is cool, but not on my to make list.

Happy Monday!