Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sneak Peak

If you are a certain sister of mine with an upcoming birthday, here is a sneak of part of your present. Hint: it's not the bike. (I'm sorry if that disappoints you)


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How Many Times Can I Post About One Project?

I fixed the straps on Lelah! It's actually a pretty wearable object now.
The new and improved one is on the left if you can't already tell.

Strap modifications:
*always slip the first st, k the second, k the second to last and purl the last*
PU 17 sts and k in stockinette for 3 rows
Next, *slip, k2tog, k to last 3, k2tog, purl
knit 1 row*
repeat above two rows until 9 stitches remain
knit until you have 1.5 inches from the last decrease
k the 2 middle sts together
work one row
k the two middle stitches together
you should now have 7 sts on the needle, work until desired length
BO and mattress stitch to the back of the top.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

A New Quilt is a Good Reason to Make the Bed

...too bad it seems to be impossible to photograph all of it. Our new apartment is about the size of said quilt, so the most logical way to photograph it would be on the bed or hanging from the balcony. The bed pictures didn't turn out and to shoot it from the ground to our balcony, well, we have already named our downstairs neighbor "Mr. Naked" so I really don't want to give him the thrill of thinking I might me shooting into his always open windows, god forbid.

So, without further first quilt, yay! The other half looks just like this, but with the log cabin squares on the opposite side. I designed it so that the cream/log cabin thirds would hang down on the sides of the bed and the striped columns would cover the main portion.

I am pretty pleased with it. My binding could be a little better and eventually I would like to go back and add more quilting to the cream/log cabin sections.

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