Thursday, June 08, 2006


This is not at all knitting related, as S the fiancee pointed out, but what has been lately?

I had a lump (benign) removed from my breast this morning and get to wear an ace bandage around my chest for 2 days. I feel like one of those women who bound their breasts to impersonate men so they could fight in the civil war. I'm not sure how they peed standing up, but whatever. It's fun to flash my ace bandage.

Also I kinda smell already and 2 days is a long time to go without showering. (we currently don't have a bathtub at my house, but S does, hooray)

In other news, I have sort of learned Flash. Which isn't knitting, but it's still making something. I get to teach it to kids next week so I hope I can cram a little more into my brain before then. I've only been out of school for 2 years but the studying skills were the first to go.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


If suicide weren't such a permanant thing, i'd consider it right now. If I had somewhere to go, I would run away right now.

Weddings are supposed to be joyus occasions, right? Mine's not, so far. The church I grew up in, the church I always wanted to get married in, is charging 800 dollars for the ceremony alone. We can't afford a reception anywhere else is we get married there, so having a reception there means shitty wine and shitty food to the tune of 6,000.

My mother, instead of being an excited, supportive, "let's go look at dresses" kind of mom, is choosing to be a bitchy nightmare, insisting we get married at the expensive church, lecturing me on the fact that marriage is a sacrament (like i don't know this), fighting with my dad about it, and alienating my fiancee to the point where he no longer will go visit them.

Is it just me, or is it not supposed to be like this?

To top it all off, my mom has 12 brothers and sisters, making it impossible to have a small wedding. I love my huge extended family and I am trying my hardest to find a way to include of those ways is not spending 800 dollars on renting a ceremony space. Or spending 3,000 renting a reception area.

I bought my dress last weekend - it's the only thing that has gone right so far. It's excatly what I want and was a very affordable 185 dollars.

So since i have my dress, i'm seriously starting to consider eloping. I'm seriously starting to consider planning a wedding that revolves around hurting my mom as much as she is hurting me. What a fucking great way to start the rest of my life.

At this point, I can't even imagine this becoming a happy situation again. Fucking fantastic.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Let the wedding garter begin!

I got my beautiful cobweb weight handspun silk delivered and I am in love with it. I'm also nervous about using it and making lace for the first time. This is the pattern that I am going to use:

A kindly fellow craftster member scanned it for me from her vintage lace edging book. Now all I need is a date and location for the wedding!