Thursday, July 26, 2007

I had no idea.

"Vanna's hair dresser taught her to crochet on the set of Wheel of Fortune. She enjoys the craft as a way of productively using her downtime during filming to create hand-made gifts for friends and family. She connected with Lion Brand Yarn Company 13 years ago, when that company's president, David Blumenthal, saw her on the Tonight Show, where she mentioned that she was a crocheter. He contacted her and she has been a spokesperson for the company ever since, hosting their annual fashion show at the Craft and Hobby Association each year."

The things you learn at Hancock's.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Not Stalking if it Was Coincidence

So, I was at TJ Maxx today, looking to spend my first waitress paycheck on some new shirts, when I spotted a girl across the rack wearing a Calorimetry knitted out of Noro. I thought, wow a knitter in the wild! But, possibly, it could have been a gift and also, I was afraid to look like a huge nerd and say, "excuse me, I see you're wearing a very popular pattern from Knitty, knitted with a very popular yarn. I just moved here, and I'm a knitter too."

Has anyone else seen a stranger wearing an obviously handknitted item? (Faux fur scarves don't count) Did you say anything? Has anyone ever asked you about something you were wearing that that you knitted?

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