Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ok, So I Didn't Quit

My So Called Scaf
Malabrigo worsted in Intenso, 1 skien
Size 10 Needles
57 inches long

I LOVE this scarf. Deliciously soft, fun stitch pattern...if only my camera could accurately convey the awesome redness that comes from the subtle variations of raspberry, bubblegum, maroon and orange. I have a whole other skein left...what to do? I am thinking a matching hat, but I'm not much of a hat person.

And the results of my personal Socktober fest?

Three and a half inches of a cuff. And why do I give myself the Gold Star Performance award for this? Well, one, the award is a prop I made for a film that has taken up a lot of time recently and also because, well, why not? I forgot for a while that knitting was supposed to be fun. So I quit for a while and then I remembered why I got into this in the first place. To try something new, relax, be creative...not keep up with anyone or be impressive.

Also, having more than one project at a time is bad for my knitting mojo. One down, two to go!

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